Using your voice


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  1. petertsai1 Says:

    I’m having problem with my AVC (radio). I have SB747 AVC and Squawkgear installed and controllers can see on radar, and text works good but I believe im having problem with the “Server/Room” box under “Connection” tab of AVC.

    Problem: I am have “” in my Server/Room box but it doesn’t tune to a freq. I am at KLAX with gnd 120.95 and twr 133.9 and I have gnd tuned in COMM1 with bold type text on SB747’s Controller in Range window. I do not hear anything nor can they hear me.

    Here’s what I tried: In order for me to get voice for gnd, I have to type in “” into Server/Room in AVC. To get twr, I would need to type “” in to Room/Server in AVC. Switching to stdby freq in COMM1 does not work. I also turned on RW autotunning (.rw a/on) but that just disconnects me from gnd voice server when I switch to twr freq; it does not change my Server/Room to “”.

    What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciate it. Tks!

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