An example flight

Here redneck demonstrates to you what you will encounter in a typical flight on VATSIM.

Thanks to ‘redneck’ (of FlightGear forums) for his superb videos!

Hint: in the flight plan, write “Newbie using FlightGear” as the remarks to ATC. They do read it, and give you special handling 🙂

redneck used the private chat (direct comms) to make initial contact with controllers. Don’t do this. You should use the usual FG chat interface (underscore key) to make a standard transmission “on the frequency”. (Tune the frequency on COM1 first, as redneck correctly did.)

Another way to transmit “on the frequency” is to use the SB747 prompt (the white window in the topright of these videos).

Pay attention to the SB747 window — sometimes the controller will send you a private message which you may miss if you weren’t looking at your FG windscreen. The message will remain logged inside the SB747 window.


3 Responses to “An example flight”

  1. petertsai1 Says:

    1) How do u set the aircraft type? Vatsim controller says Im B744 but I cant see anywhere to change it.
    2) For submitting flight plan, how do you distinguish from IFR and VFR flight plan?

  2. petertsai1 Says:

    3) Also, controllers are complaining that they aren’t seeing real name even though I put it in the sb747-Setup-Pilot Name box.

    • Vini Rupert Says:


      1) You enter all your VATSIM flight plan into this:

      After filling the above flight plan, make sure all the boxes in SB 747 are empty except for the call sign. The call sign you put in the above VATSIM flight plan is what you put into SB747.

      2) See the above website.

      3) See the above website.

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