About the author

I have been a user of Aerowinx Precision Simulator since 1998, and have written add-on software for that sim, primarily in the area of networking and low-level cross-platform support (getting PS1 to work on Windows XP, and now even Linux).

In 1999 I got involved with VATSIM (then SATCO) as a controller. I have been affiliated with VATSIM’s Australian/Pacific region since that time. I remember well one visit to the real-life Melbourne Tower in 1999 that was organised by Roland Collins. I never did do much controlling on VATSIM, but have been active as a pilot.

In 2008 I took part in World Flight as flight crew, joining Matt Sheil and Terry Scanlan et al in Sydney for the 7-day journey around the world.

I have been a fan of FlightGear since approx 2001, but it wasn’t til 2005 that I managed to get the sim properly running on my system. I added a feature in my PS1 software that allowed FlightGear to be slaved as a scenery engine, as an alternative to MSFS.

In 2010, I look forward to seeing FlightGear users on VATSIM and especially taking part in World Flight. I also anticipate the release of Aerowinx’s latest sim, Precision Simulator X, and hope that FlightGear will be its scenery engine of choice.

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